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We are proud to announce that due to the overwhelming success of the Stainless Steel System, Developer Fred Parr and Master Frame Builder David Bohm have successfully improved a new Low Fuming Bronze and a companion flux after more than two years of research and development.

  1. The first and most notable improvements are the creamy white paste flux and companion powder version having the following characteristics: The flux is easy to apply, does not bubble or flare and soaks off like silver flux in warm water.

  2. Both the rod and the flux allow for steel joining at temperatures much lower than previous products.

  3. The third advantage is that the alloy compound in the rod and the formulation of the flux allow for a very low-cost of these products, comparable in cost to much less effective products from other companies.

  4. Due to increased flux activity and flow agents and flow and adhesion agents in the rod, joining of thin wall cycle tubes can be done very rapidly with superior results. The rod is extremely ductile and presents no issues of hardness and is extremely easy to emery or file.

The goals that Freddy and David set for production of these new products were to provide improved flow and adhesion, lower temperature cycles overall, operator ease and flux removal by a simple water soak.

Bohemian/Cycle Design LFB System is the best and safest you will ever use.

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