Fillet Pro


Fillet Pro

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With Fillet Pro you can join stainless steel to chrome-moly and vice versa.

  • For fillet brazing at below 1200F.

  • Ideal for use with Martensitic SS (953) and XCR, Cycle Design SS Dropouts and G.P. Wilson 17/4. Paragon and other SS tips and parts.

  • Beyond any brass in finish strength at silver temps.

  • Excellent for tips and fork crowns or loose fits.

  • Capable of joining without support with 100% joint integrity.

  • Fillet Pro is being used Worldwide for SS and Steel fillet frames by Top Builders.

  • Joining with Fillet Pro results in distortion free construction.

Anything that can be done with LFB can be done with "Fillet Pro" and more...

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