Stainless Light Flux


Stainless Light Flux

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Brazing flux paste recommended for joining steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys.

Specially formulated by Cycle Design Group as a safe, general – purpose silver brazing flux. Works with and improves bond and flow of every high ratio, low temperature silver brazing rod. Provides optimal flow and clean joints regardless of percentage of silver grade.

  • Stainless Light is a creamy, grey silver brazing paste flux that is active and protective to 870°C/1,700+°F.

  • It is recommended for use with stainless steel alloys, ferrous metals, nickel, carbides, gold, silver and platinum.

  • Stainless Light contains no Potassium Bi-fluoride and will not irritate the skin.

  • The flux will not harden or crystallize, retaining its creamy texture up to two (2) years.

  • Stainless Light Contains "Altife" making it the most effective flux for Silver brazing in the World.

Suggested Filler Metal:

Physical Characteristics:
Creamy, grey

Active Temperature Range:
900°F to 1700+°F

Type and Specifications:
AMS 3410-3411
AWS A5.31-92, Type FB3C

Residue Removal:
water-soluble/warm water

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