System 48


System 48

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Brazing flux paste recommended for joining steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys.

Specially formulated by Cycle Design Group as a safe, general – purpose silver brazing flux. Works with and improves bond and flow of every high ratio, low temperature silver brazing rod. Provides optimal cleaning and a slower, more controlled flow, regardless of percentage of silver grade.

Excellent for use with steel or stainless steel, for advanced Stainless Steel Brazing, use Stainless Light.

  • System 48 is a creamy, white brazing paste flux that is active and protective to 870°C/1,600+°F.

  • It is recommended for use with Steel alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, nickel, carbides and copper.

  • System 48 contains no Potassium Bi-fluoride and will not irritate the skin.

  • The flux will not harden or crystallize, retaining its creamy texture up to two (2) years.

  • System 48 is an excellent general purpose silver brazing flux that is safer than most alternatives.

Suggested Filler Metal:

Physical Characteristics:
Creamy, white

Active Temperature Range:
1050°F to 1600+°F

Type and Specifications:
AMS 3410
AWS A5.31-91, Type FB3A
O-F 499, Type B

Residue Removal:
water-soluble/warm water

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